Step 2
Find the Optimal Niche
for Your Website

Finding the optimal niche or your best site concept is the most critical step of building a website, and unfortunately people rush through this step and choose inappropriate topics.

Sites that do well online are sites that have their own unique spin on a certain topic. The content is well written, updated frequently, the webmasters understand the basics of internet marketing and they know their audience.

If you're creating a jewelry website to make money, taking the time to research your best site concept or site topic is crucial to the success of your venture.

The more defined your niche is, the better. This is because smaller niches have less competition, so you have a greater chance of being found in Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

I know it may be tempting to create a website on the most popular product or topic, but you have to remember that competition will be stiff and it will be much harder to break through a saturated market and win search engine rankings.

Also, if you choose to develop a broad concept like "Jewelry," with several major sub-themes, it will be harder to rank well for the sub-themes than if you dedicated a single site to a sub-theme.

The simple recommendation is to keep your niche as narrow as possible, yet still with enough profit potential.

Try to look at the concept from the visitors end. Who are they? What do you want these visitors to get out of your Web site? You should have clear, concise answers to these questions.

Don't stop after discovering the first niche concept. Write down concepts as they hit you - make the list as long as you can. Just write down ideas for site topics as they occur.

Take your time on this - the final concept or your optimal niche will form the foundation for your future success.

What Is a Site Concept?

Site Concept is a keyword (ex., "jewelry" or "handcrafted jewelry"). You use it as a focus for writing the information or content of your home page.

It is the central theme, the niche, upon which you will base all of your site's content (hence the term "Theme-Based Content Site"). Every page that you write will be about a topic that is related to your Site Concept. Each one of those topical pages focuses on a Specific Keyword, which is why we also call these pages Keyword-Focused Content Pages ("KFCPs").

What is a Keyword?: The term a surfer enters into a Search Engine when searching for something. These would be words like...

"Jewelry" and "Handmade Jewelry" and "Wire Wrapped Jewelry."

(The term "keyword" includes single words as well as multi-word phrases. Most searches are not actually single-word searches. Why? Because most searchers quickly learn to enter two or more words in their searches in order to get better (more precise) results. We call that entry a "keyword" even if it has 5 words in it.)

A keyword is also the topic for the content of a web page. All the other words on that page are "content"... information about that keyword/topic.

We call the keyword that you make the topic of a webpage the Specific Keyword for that page.

There is plenty of room for more than one website in any niche. Don't worry when you find competitors. If you build your Jewelry website properly, you will succeed.

Check out this informative and interesting video from Discover a profitable niche for a new website

WordTracker Video

In this video Mike Mindel talks about using Wordtracker to conduct keyword searches. I talk about and show you how to use wordtacker in the article FREE Keyword Search Tools.

How To Recognize Your Best Site Concept

Your optimal niche or great Site Concept must...

  1. be in demand. A reasonable number of people must be searching for information about your theme. If your theme is too narrow (ex., seed bead thumb rings), there is not enough demand for you to monetize, even if your entire (too tiny) market finds you!
  2. not be too broad. If your Site Concept is too broad (high Real Supply), the competition will be severe. It will be difficult to win or reach top rankings at the Search Engines for this theme's keywords. For example, it is impossible to "own" the theme of "jewelry" and even the Site Concept of "Handmade Jewelry" is highly competitive. If you have 80 hours per week and are ready to work for a year, you might succeed. But creating a site about one type or style of jewelry is your best opportunity...
  3. You most likely know a lot about one type or style of jewelry.
  4. The competition will be less intense. So it will be easier for your well-written content pages to rank highly with the free Search Engines.
  5. Those who find you will be highly targeted. They will be much more interested in your content. It is far easier to PREsell those searching for topics ("keywords") related to narrow themes than broad ones.
  6. excite you. Choose something that you know and love (or that you are willing to find out more about). If you do that, writing lots of information-packed content pages becomes an easy pleasure instead of work. Think "passion" and "knowledge" -- if you have it, it will shine in your content.
  7. deliver high ROI potential. It must offer excellent options for monetizing traffic to your site. This ensures the ROI (Return on Investment) you want. Make every visitor to your site a possible income-generator. (we will discuss monetizing your traffic in step 4)
  8. be in sync with the time you have available to work on your site (i.e., if you only have 1 hour per week to work on your new business, don't tackle a highly competitive niche -- you will spend way too much time trying to win traffic instead of building your site).

Bottom line on choosing your Site Concept?...

It takes just as much time to build a low-potential business as a high-potential one. So invest the time now, get the Site Concept right, and you will maximize your returns later, earning far more income per hour invested down the road.

Search Engine Traffic

Another reason it's important to select a specific niche is that the search engines are becoming theme based. This means that instead of only looking at the content of individual pages they look at the content of all the pages in the Website.

Search engines rank sites according to theme and popularity. So the more focused your content is around the topic, the easier it will be to rank for your targeted keywords.

If you try to cover too much ground with one site, the search engines won't rank you well for anything because it is not clear what your site is about.

A lot of people start out creating sites on multiple subjects. Sometimes this can work on a personal blog, but if you're trying to make money then it's best to zero in on a theme.

Search engine traffic is free so you might as well spend time learning and reading up on SEO (search engine optimization) to make the most of this.

Your Goal

The goal is to build a site that targets a specific group of people and allows you to appear as the expert in your niche.

The more you know about the topic, the more credible you will appear to your audience. Also the more likely they will return and/or buy product you offer or recommend.

It doesn't matter if you don't know everything about your specific niche. You just want to know more than your audience.

Websites and blogs that make money, do a great job of generating loyal followers. So put some thought into your site concept before just jumping into building your jewelry website.

Websites that do well online are authored by people who have a great passion for the topic and develop interesting perspectives that engage people from the very beginning. Think different. Be innovative. Research potential competition and find gaps and opportunities they missed.

While demand for your topic is still important, your knowledge, passion and innovation is even more crucial when it comes to building a successful website.

Moving Forward

Once you have an idea of what your site topic is going to be about your next step is to actually define your optimal niche and develop your best site concept.

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