PARTY MIX BEADED BANGLES.....who doesn't love a party!!!

by Ellen K. Goldman
(Fort Mill SC)

Absolutely Gorgeous! This set of three bangles includes one beaded bangle in metallic brown with turquoise seed beads. The second bangle is made from 4mm semi precious gemstones (fancy jasper) in the most beautiful colors that you could imagine.The third fancy jasper bangle is weaved with 4 and 6mm stones. Wear them stacked as shown in above images and individually. These Bangles are my PRIDE and JOY , I LOVE THEM and you will TOO!!

About me:Ellen Goldman is the owner and founder of The Studio Elle. She is so passionate about her beading that she says she lives her life “One Bead at a Time”. She believes if jewelry isn’t beautiful and comfortable, well then, it won’t be worn. She makes jewelry that is never over the top but definitely gets you noticed. Ellen says ”Anyone who wears my beaded creations better get used to having people stopping them to ask where they got it and compliment them on their jewelry”. Her choice of color combinations and simplicity of her designs coupled with her quality of workmanship makes her jewelry a STAND OUT from the rest.

I have a little shop on Etsy but I have BIGGER dreams...check out my Jewelry ...

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