Public Relations and
Your Jewelry Business

Public Relations covers every aspect of
your contact with the outside world.

It not only involves how you conduct your business, but also the relations you have with the public and the activities you undertake to create and keep up a favorable public image of yourself, your work, and your business. For example, you donate a stained glass window to a newly built hospital wing, or sponsor a fund raising art-auction for a charitable cause.

Public relations (PR) is what builds your image, and your image is what the public thinks of you and your work. It is important that you convey a professional image in everything you do, whether it's publicity, advertising, community involvement, salesmanship, your display, promotional materials, how you conduct your business with customers and buyers, even the care in how you handle your own products.

PR not only deals with how you conduct yourself as a jewelry designer and as the owner of a jewelry business, but also it involves the many things you do to keep your name out front and before the public. Many of your PR activities need not always be related directly to sales, although hopefully the image you build through your public relations will ultimately produce more sales.

You must work and strive to build and keep a professional and reliable image—everything from demonstrating your techniques to filling orders on time. Don't be discouraged if you don't succeed on every try at public relations, because if you keep at it, you will eventually find that it will all pay off.

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