Sea Goddess Cuff Bracelet

by Gloria-Jean Browne
(Muskoka, Canada)

In this wire weave cuff bracelet I used a variety of turquoise and blue beads, such as fresh water pearls, glass pearls, MOP, aquamarine, aventurine, aqua jasper, blue coral, chalcedony, kyanite, moonstone, glass lampwork beads, fire-polished crystals, silver beads and bead caps and glass seed beads.

I call this free-form wire weave because there is no set pattern. I start by making a zig-zag pattern using 16 gauge silver plated wire for the base. Then with 24 gauge wire I just went back and forth across the top adding beads then wrapping around the base a couple of times and continuing doing this until I am satisfied with the look.

I used a hand sculpted glass goddess bead as my focal piece, you can see the different strands of seed beads coming out the top of her head to look like hair, and then I wired a couple of drop style handmade beads that match the goddess on the bottom for a tail to turn her into a mermaid.

Using a variety of different size and shaped beads gives this piece a lot of texture. With the added dolphin, seahorse, and fish charms, it gives the impression that the mermaid sea goddess is swimming in the ocean amongst her friends.

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