Seeking Designers to Participate in Study on Feminism and Jewelry Design

by Michelle R Berlinger
(New York)

Calling all Designers,

Hello, my name is Michelle, I am a researcher from the Department of Sociology at Dartmouth College. I am currently conducting a study through the Dartmouth Senior Fellowship Grant Program about the role feminism plays – if any – in the contemporary U.S. jewelry industry. If you are interested in participating please dont hesitate to contact me! I am conducting short (about 30 minutes max) interviews about designers perspectives on how women and feminism specifically can play a role in the making and wearing of jewelry.

Here is a little info about the study:

I hope to create both activism and awareness for important and largely under recognized concept - that is, feminism, an aspect of women’s lives that has become increasingly ignored by many women of my generation. I hope to do so by placing this subject within the context of a historic and powerful industry that touches the lives of women everyday. In interviewing designers, I hope to uncover and present a valuable exploration of how jewelry, the object that reaches all women, regardless or age, race, social class or ethnicity, is linked with feminism. Second, this study will examine the degree to which jewelry and fashion can, or should, be used as a vehicle to empower women in everyday life.

This project is sponsored by the Senior Fellowship Department at Dartmouth college, which provides 3 seniors every year with the opportunity to design and produce a research project that goes beyond the depth and creative breadth of an academic major or thesis.

Participation in this study will allow jewelers and consumers to better understand the role feminism may play in the jewelry industry. Not only will this allow us to understand how we can help create equality among genders in our society, but also it may allow you as a member of the jewelry industry to better understand your own contribution to women in the world. During our interviewing session, I will be asking questions regarding your jewelry, creation process, and motivations. We will also discuss the degree to which your jewelry may have a symbolic effect on wearers.

It is very important to me as a researcher to do everything in my power to keep your information, identity, and response completely confidential. After interviewing I will code all participant information so that my final article will not reveal any personal or identity information that could possibly damage them in any way. I have made a strict commitment to your protection and confidentiality.

Please let me know if you are interested in participating by emailing me at with the subject title Dartmouth Jewelry Study!

Thanks for reading!

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