Questions to Ask Before You Sell on eBay

Do You Know the Right Answers?

copyright by Cheryl L. Coccaro

If you've tried to sell on eBay and were not not give up! You need to know the answers to the questions listed below in order to successfully sell in online auctions.

I've found that listing your creations each and every week with the hope of making a sale is just one of the most important steps you can take to be successful. The listing process is only a small part of the eBay cycle.

Some people think that if they just put up an auction, it's a sure winner for a sale. Not so. You need to have a "proper" title, a few great photos, an easy to pay profile, terms and conditions clearly outlined to sell on eBay. You need to appear professional and trustworthy, and you need to offer some form of guarantee.

eBay is very similar to having your own website. OK, you get everything set up and then sit back and wait for the sale, right? No! There's information to gather and questions to answer before you actually start making some money on eBay.

Before listing your auction item, you'll need to do a little research to find out about your competition and the overall eBay market for the item you want to sell. Look at the auctions of other eBay sellers listing items similar to yours. Answer these questions about the auction and the seller:

- Has this item sold before?

- What was the price at the auction end?

- What category was it listed in?

- What made the title stand out and be noticed?

- Was the auction easy to read - did the text make sense, and was it easy on your eyes?

Auction text that spans the page from edge to edge is tiresome to read. Have you noticed that? Professional auctions look so much better and they attract the buyer.

- Were the photos clear and sharp? Dark or light? Close-up photos showing details are important.

- If they selected the gallery option, did they use a different photo? Was it lightened and brightened or did they cheat and use the same photo as the auction?

- What is their feedback number? Is that number mostly from sales or purchases?

- Did they offer a guarantee?

- Was there a photo of the seller?

- Did they list an address and telephone contact number?

- Did the auction end on the best day of the week and the best time? Do you know what day and what time are best?

If you want to sell on eBay, it's important to find these answers BEFORE you list your own item. Once you've answered these questions about your competitors' auction listings you have some idea of the eBay market for your item. Now ask these same questions about your own auctions.

Like most things in life, there's a learning curve and a trial and error method to selling on eBay. Keep yourself focused and be persistent, and remember that you must walk the walk before you can run.

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