How To Develop Your
Best Site Concept

The only successful strategy on this over-congested Internet is to develop your best site concept by selecting a specific topic and filling it with high-value content.

If you have an established jewelry business or have been making jewelry for a while, you already know the general theme/concept of your site. Your task is to determine what approach/spin you will take...

  • reflect what "solution" your business provides, or...

  • target a particular segment of your market, or...

  • deliver a specific angle, etc.

Choose topics that are not too broad in nature (ex., "jewelry" is too competitive). But don't make your niche too narrow (ex., beaded pinky rings) -- not enough people search for "too-narrow" niches (and how many pages can you truly write about on such a narrow topic, remember the more keyword-focused content pages you write the more people will find you for those keywords).

The Goldilocks "just-right" niche is narrow enough for you to ultimately "master," but is also wide enough that there is enough Demand (i.e., enough people doing searches at the engines) for you to build significant traffic. You also need to choose a niche where you will be able to write enough keyword-focused pages about to build the content of your website. Choose on the basis of "your gut and brain"...

  • If you love the subject matter, others likely do, too. Good themes that are "just right" have an audience that identifies with the subject matter.

  • If you know an area, you already have a pretty good idea of what might be "too broad" or "too narrow."

How to Develop Your Best Site Concept

Use Common Sense and Your Own Knowledge

What is "too broad?" It's any idea where the market is too big. For example, "jewelry" was an extreme example. "handmade jewelry" is too broad. Narrow your niche down to the type or style of jewelry you make or know the most about, or enjoy making the most, or the type of materials that you use. Here is just a small example:

wire jewelry bead jewelry gem-stone jewelry
crystal jewelry hemp jewelry steam punk jewelry
crochet jewelry organic jewelry polymer clay jewelry
copper jewelry fiber jewelry bead weaving
resin jewelry metal jewelry jewelry made with found objects
chainmail pet jewelry metal clay jewelry
seed bead jewelry ........ bridal jewelry ......... silver casting jewelry

... or maybe you just make bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, brooches, pendants, tiaras, or body jewelry.

... or maybe you make beads

... or use beads for embellishing

... or in creating beaded home decor.

How-To Sites Can Be a Huge Hit

Websites that show people how-to solve a problem or how-to make something can go over well if you take the time to plan out how you are going to communicate the solution, or show the step by step instructions on various techniques in your niche, also what ideas, tips and advice that you can share.

If you think about it, people search the web for solutions all the time. They look for anything from how to manage debt, makeup tips, weight loss advice, recipe ideas, to lawn care, even how to make jewelry, you name it!

So your goal could be to choose a problem or a special technique and write an informative site that helps people solve the problem or show them how-to do something. The more helpful and unique your site is, the greater chance people will bookmark it, tell others about it, buy products you recommend, purchase any tutorials or ebooks that you might produce, or even want to own some of the jewelry pieces that you have designed and made.

”There Are Too Many Sites on My Niche”

Be careful not to fall in to the trap of believing there are too many sites on your topic or niche. Even though there may be sites out there that also cover your niche, you should also check the quality.

What are they missing? Do most of the sites just say the same thing? How good is the writing? Think you can present your ideas more clearly? Do they use video? Do they use photos or examples of the various topics they discuss? Does the site have personality? Is the site easy to navigate around?

The truth is, even though there are billions of sites on the Web, the majority of them are low quality. Most people don’t want to invest the time into building a long-term, quality website so they throw up something quick and abandon it shortly after.

That’s good news for people who are dedicated, motivated and willing to take the time and energy to making it work.

A lazy man’s approach is a hard-working man’s
opportunity to compete and conquer the market!

Keywords Are Vital To e-Business Success

How to Develop Your Best Site Concept

Create a Master Keyword List

To help find and develop your best site concept you need to build a list of keywords that can bring targeted traffic to your website and are often searched for, but still not so competitive as to make a top ranking next to impossible.

By now you should have an idea of a site topic, something that you are knowledgeable about and/or excites you the most. Write down all the words and phrases that you think are related to this topic and can be used by people when they search for your website.

When researching keywords, don't limit yourself to single words. Statistical research has shown that most people search using multiple-word keywords composed of two, or even three, words in order to get more targeted results.

Before you start keyword research create a Master Keyword List. I recommend that you do this either in a simple text file or via a database or spreadsheet program. A database or a spreadsheet will speed things up and provide you with extra functionality.

If the idea of a database or spreadsheet scares you, simply stick with a text list. It’s a bit inefficient so it will take you a little longer, but it will do the job just fine.

Whatever you decide, please, please, please...

Do use a Master Keyword List. It will evolve into the master blueprint for your entire site. If you follow these instructions, the site will almost build itself!

Read this article on How to Create a Master Keyword List . You will be glad you did. If you start collecting all the information you need for your keywords list from the start you will save so much time by not having to go back and re-research each keyword for demand, supply and profitability.

How to Find the Right Keywords

Brainstorming keywords is the first step to finding and developing your best site concept. Not only will building your keyword list help you to define your niche but also help to give you ideas on creating keyword-focused content pages about your site topic. Click here if you are still confused about what exactly a keyword is?

Using keyword search tools help with brainstorming and choosing the best possible keywords. There are two ways to find the right keywords to build your Master Keyword List:

  1. FREE Keyword Search Tools
    In this article I list some of the free keyword search tools that will help you to build an effective Master Keyword List. I also give you examples of how to use these tools and show you the results from my keyword searches.
  2. Brainstorm Keywords Using Google Search Engine
    These easy-to-use brainstorm keywords tools from Google are a pretty good way to establish a baseline list of keyword ideas for your website.
  3. Brainstorm It!
    I use one of SBI!’s many tools called Brainstorm It! It is the ultimate niche-finding, brainstorming and keyword-researching tool. In this article I explain the power of Brainstorm It! how to use it and show you the results that these brainstorming tools provide to help build a successful site full of great keyword-focused content pages.

Choosing Your Best Site Concept

Once you have researched your list of possible keywords and created your Master Keyword List, it is now time to choose your best site concept.

Lets say for example your niche is Making Wire Jewelry, and you researched the best possible keywords for “wire jewelry” and “wire wrapped jewelry”.

Wire Wrapped Jewelry would be a more focused niche than Wire Jewelry. So you must ask yourself can you create enough content to build a website just around “wire wrapped jewelry”? If the answer is yes than great, the more focused your niche the better! But if you feel you cannot create enough content, then you may want to broaden your topic a little by going with “wire jewelry”, then you could write not only about wire wrapping but also wire weaving, wire crocheting, wire twisting, making jewelry components with wire, etc.

As you are building your Master Keyword List you are starting to understand the power of keywords and how people use them to search for information.

Check How Much Competition

Your next step in choosing your best site concept is to see how much competition you will have for your specific keyword topic.

To check the number of sites targeting the topic, type your keyword with quotes into the search box.

Make note of the "total number of results" just under the Google search box. This will give you an idea of how competitive the phrase is. Repeat this process for each keyword on your list and then compare the numbers among all your searches.

For example, I did a Search It! for each of the following keyword phrases, and beside this list is the number of results (sites) that came back.

“wire jewelry” = 565,000

"step by step wire jewelry" = 678,000

"making wire wrapped jewelry" = 109,000

"jewelry wire wrapping" = 82,300

"wire jewelry making" = 36,000

"how to make wire jewelry" = 33,600

"making wire jewelry" = 23,600

"how to wire wrap jewelry" = 21,000

"wire wrapping jewelry" = 19,700

"make wire jewelry" = 14,000

"making jewelry with wire" = 13,300

As you can see the first four keyword phrases are used by a lot of sites, therefore you will have quite a competition with the search engines. The last three keyword phrases have much fewer sites competing for them, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they would be great keywords to use. If you did your keyword research you could possibly find that the demand for those keywords are low (fewer people searching for those particular keyword phrases) that is why few sites are using them.

As you go through your keyword lists you could find that “making wire jewelry” has a pretty good demand and a fairly low supply, with potential for profitability. So you may want to use “Making Wire Jewelry” as your site concept.

NOTE: Remember that these are just examples to give you an illustration of how to choose your best site concept. Please conduct your own research to make sure the numbers are correct. You may find that “How to Make Wire Jewelry” or “Making Wire Wrapped Jewelry” would be better choices.

Don't Stress Over The Numbers

Be careful. Don't fall into the trap of stressing over the numbers these tools generate. I've found that people want to interpret how successful their site will be solely based on these numbers.It's impossible.

Use these tools as guides. Remember, there is no such thing as a perfect topic that has excellent demand (high # of searches) and little supply (sites targeting that topic).

So it's best to research a few potential topics and pick the one that has a decent supply/demand (relative to the other topics you researched), while taking into account how passionate you are about the subject.

In other words, you may find that "wire jewelry" has a better supply/demand ratio than "polymer clay jewelry", but you are more passionate about polymer clay and think you could create a more engaging and informative site due to your background.

So in this case, you might decide to go with polymer clay jewelry even though the numbers for "wire jewelry" look better from a supply/demand point of view.

These tools can be very useful while comparing different topics, but remember to also consider your own enthusiasm, knowledge of the topic and the kind of competition you're up against. The numbers are only part of the story.

Remember, successful sites are published by people who are passionate about their subject matter and produce useful information on a regular basis. Don't pick a topic you are not enthused about just because the numbers look good.

Always consider your enthusiasm too. Boredom is a big reason many people give up too early. It takes a while to make money online so you might as well be involved in something that interests you for the long haul.

Moving Forward

Once you have chosen your best site concept and created your Master Keyword List, go to Step 3 and Create Your Website Structure.

How to Develop Your Best Site Concept How to Develop Your Best Site Concept

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