Simple Block-by-Block SiteBuilding

Sitebuilding can be an intimidating mystery to beginners. If you can stack blocks, you can build an effective site, full of content that people want and that engines rank highly.

Page creation is as simple as riding a bike with its training wheels still attached. No need to know HTML or any programing. SBI!'s unique block-by-block sitebuilder painlessly trained me to build pages that both engines and humans love! It's simple, do-able and most importantly, effective sitebuilding. The block-by-block builder is perfect for beginners (like me), but even many "advanced" users should start with this tool.

Here are the next 9 Reasons Why I Love SBI!:

28. Edit Your Sitebuilder Home Page

SBi! helped me out step by step in sitebuilding my Home Page. And if at any time I want to Edit My Home Page, all I have to do is make my changes, re-build my page... and I’m done! The nice thing about editing is that I’m almost finished, right after I start.

29. Add A Site Builder Page

This button is the entry point for using the block-by-block SiteBuilder to create content pages.

With no HTML or programming experience I am able to build a website adding TIER 2 and TIER 3 Pages using this block-by-block method. It was so easy, especially with the step-by-step help that SBI! provides.

The first part involves Page Information, Navigation Options, and Other Page Options

The second part is where I set up the framework of my page, creating blocks one-by-one and then stacking them in whatever order I wish. All I have to do is click-and-hold on the "To insert a block here, choose block and click INSERT button" a drop-down menu gives me a list of the types of blocks to insert.

Here is an example of a TIER 3 page I created using SBI!’s block-by-block sitebuilding: Using the Color Wheel To Create Stunning Combinations

30. Preview It!

I love this button, because I can click on it to see what my page will look like before I build it. If I spot a typo or something that is out of whack, it's easy to edit.

31. Use Your Own HTML (and All Other) Tools

Already using Dreamweaver? Flash? Photoshop? CSS? No problem. Upload your pages into SBI! and enter a new world that is far beyond traditional hosting. Whatever you're doing now, you can do it with SBI! using your own site design tools. The difference is that you can plug it all straight into the SBI! system and take full advantage of all of SBI!'s integrated traffic-building and relationship-building tools.

Since SBI! is compatible with popular HTML editors (ex., Dreamweaver) and image tools (ex., Photoshop, Flash, etc.), you can easily use advanced page-building techniques, if you like. This allows for maximum creative flexibility for all skill levels.

32. Page Manager

This through-the-browser Page Manager enables me to manage my pages like FTP, except better.

Page Manager allows me to manage my site's pages efficiently...

  • Create "virtual" folders, into which I can place pages (ex., one folder for each Tier 2 topic, a "To Improve" folder, etc.).
  • Edit, preview or delete each page with ease.
  • Show, select, view, and sort pages any way I want.

Page Manager also lets me know how many pages I've built and/or uploaded.

33. Graphic Library

The Graphic Library allows me to add, delete and modify graphics very easily and its simple. Load my library with images that I will be using on my site. I can create or buy my own graphics. Put them on my desktop. And then use this tool to upload them...

I use Photoshop to edit all the photos I upload to my site. But if you do not have a graphics package and you need to edit any of your images (resize, crop, add a watermark, etc.), Picnik is a free browser-based graphics system that lets you do just about anything you need to do to an image.

34. Link Library

Links allow people to move from page to page or site to site on the Web. I can create links to pages elsewhere in my site (i.e., internal links) or to outside sites (i.e., external links).

The Link Library enables me to track my Click Throughs. This is the place where I can add and manage all my links.

35. Analyze It!

SBI!'s unique process analyzes each Web page just before I build it. It tells me, in simple language, how to optimize my wording to obtain high Search Engine rankings. This expert advice is merely the first step in the generation of high free traffic.

After I build a page in the sitebuilder I then click on the “Analyze It!” button to ensure that is is properly optimized. Here is an example of a report with errors. Once I make the modifications as suggested, I Analyze It! again. I keep doing this until I get a score of “Good” on all criteria.

36. Build It! and Priority Build It!

Once I am finished building a page and have Analyzed It!, all I have to do is click on the Build It! button. This button automatically builds my page, puts it up live on the Web for all to see, and adds it to my Sitemap XML file.

What if I want to tell the Search Engines which pages are more important. I just have to click on the Priority Build It! button and SBI! works with my sitemap XML file, handling the tech side as always. Together with auto-pinging, SBI! gets more pages into the engines, faster, and keeps them there (no other service does this).

SBI! does much more than "ping." It tracks all spider visits. It checks that pages are indexed. SBI! reports rankings, too. And it does all this for all the pages I build... no extra charge. No other service does ALL this free. And... this process is constantly updated. No wonder SBI! owners "Top 3% outperform" their competitors.

Priority Build It! tells the engines that a page is more important than other pages on my site. It does this by using WorldSubmitter to increase "Priority" through my sitemap XML file. Aside from clicking the Priority Build It! button to build my page, there's nothing for me to do. Google and the other engines will "get the message."

There Are Still More Reasons Why I Love SBI!

Not only does SBI! sitebuilding help me to create my web pages, they also remove the technical barriers allowing me to keep my attention on building my business. The next 10 reasons I Love SBI! is because of their Traffic-Building System.

Why Do I Love SBI!?

Reasons 1 - 17 = Perfect Preparation
Reasons 18 - 27 = SBI! Help Me Build & Host My Website
Reasons 28 - 36 = Simple Block-by-Block SiteBuilding
Reasons 37 - 46 = Traffic-Building System
Reasons 47 - 55 = Trust-Building Tools
Reasons 56 - 63 = Monetization
Reasons 64 - 75 = Guidance & Support
Reasons 76 - 85 = SiteSell Shares Lots of Their Tips & Techniques For FREE

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85 Reasons Why I Love SBI!
Here I explain in detail the 85 Reasons WHY I Love SBI! and how it has helped me to rank in the top 1% of over 100 million websites on the Net.

Reasons 1 - 17
Perfect Preparation

Reasons 18 - 27
SBI! Help Me Build & Host My Website

Reasons 28 - 36
Simple Block-by-Block SiteBuilding

Reasons 37 - 46
Traffic-Building System

Reasons 47 - 55
Trust-Building Tools

Reasons 56 - 63

Reasons 64 - 75
Guidance & Support

Reasons 76 - 85
SiteSell Shares Lots of Their Tips & Techniques For FREE

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