How Social Media Networking
Can Help Your Jewelry
Business Succeed

Social media networking is today one of the most effective online marketing methods and it is a process of carrying out a fully integrated marketing plan involving social sites.

Through social media networking, business owners now can connect to their target markets directly and effectively and in creative ways too. The growth of social media and social sites have created opportunities for business owners to directly communicate with their customers and on a more personal level.

Social media networking without a doubt, is here to stay and with its power and ability to create a community in a short period of time, it’s no wonder why so many organizations have started concentrating their marketing efforts online. Today, businesses and organizations have the ability to narrow down to their target audience, get them into a community and start bridging relationships and communicating with customers and clients.

Here’s what social media networking
can achieve for you:

Create ‘brand awareness” - as an artist, a major part of your brand is you. Joining and participating in a targeted community of people will help them discover your business (your “brand”). Word-of-mouth about you and your jewelry from other people on social sites can also spread quickly. The more times people see your name and your link, the more they begin to think about shopping from you.

Build trust - many people are very cautious about doing business online. Make sure everything you do in your social marketing shows that you’re a high-quality, helpful, trustworthy fellow member of the community - an people will trust you before they even discover you make jewelry.

Build authority - establishing your business as an authority is a great way to get yourself some free inbound links. An intelligent, informative blog can gradually build your authority as people come to rely on you for answers. When your users come to trust you, they won’t just keep coming back, they will bring friends with them. A lot can be done to boost your authority off-page, like answering questions in forums and leaving comments on blogs.

Educate and inform customers - write web content to educate and inform your customers by making your jewelry facts interesting. Tell a story, be specific, and give examples on how to use it, special techniques, tools, or materials used to make it, . Use multiple image views or videos to show how your jewelry was made or the different pieces you have/can make. Write product descriptions for both scanners and diggers. Create articles that answer common questions in detail and link to them from product pages.

Learn more about your target audience - the most trusted form of advertising today is a recommendation from another person ‘just like me.’ Tapping into these conversations shows where your audience is spending time online and what subjects and issues are of interest to them.

Receive traffic from niche “conversations” - people who are interested in the niche discussions you participate in will follow the resulting links to your jewelry website, blog, or storefront - even people who are just “lurking” and not actively participating in the conversations themselves.

Receive high-quality incoming links - your social linking will build a growing network of relevant links that bring you direct traffic from many different sources.

Be found in more places in the search engines - over time, social media marketing will help you also pop up in search engine results for your blog, your social site profiles, and the content of the various social sites where you participate. This is a nice side effect of the network of links you create from social sites related to your niche.

Reduce your dependence on search engines - Social media networking enables you to develop a steady stream of traffic that isn’t search engine-dependent. Your intended jewelry customers will be coming to you from all sorts of places online.

Get the search engines to index your content faster - new content on social websites and blogs tends to get noticed and indexed by the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) almost immediately. So any content that link you add to these sites will also be picked up by them very quickly.

Keep track of what’s going on in your niche - being aware of the trends, news, events, products. conversations, and people that are important in your niche will help you do a much better job of creating and providing popular, relevant jewelry products and services for your customers.

See what your competition is doing - through social media networking you can easily see not only what your competition is doing but how they are doing.

Manage your reputation - this involves tracking what people say about you and your business online, and responding to or participating in those conversations.

As mentioned before, with social media networking you can easily gain the attention of targeted groups of people who are very interested in handmade jewelry. Social sites have an unprecedented power to attract people's attention and influence their buying decisions. Already the main thing the majority of Internet users do now when they get on the Web is to participate in social websites in some way - and the overall traffic volume to social websites currently doubles every six months.

Studies show that people who use social networking sites also tend to be very active online shoppers - and that they buy more than twice as many jewelry items online as non-social-site users do.

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