Hold Special Event Parties

Hold special event parties to help increase bookings and to also help increase sales. The following are just a few examples of parties that could be held as special events:

Theme Parties

    Theme parties are parties that have been given a special theme to it. This theme could be part of your whole collection such as Chakra jewelry or jewelry made from healing gemstones, or a Children's theme where all your products which could be toys, games, clothes and accessories are made for children from infant to age 12. You could add your own special theme to a party to entice bookings.

Pre-Christmas Party

    Holding parties during the pre-Christmas season will probably be your most profitable showings, where guests can come and shop for unique and quality handmade gifts. Have the hostess simmer pot-pourri with a Christmas scent during the party, play Christmas music in the background and serve hot mulled cider and Christmas cookies for refreshments.

    Bring some Christmas greenery such as cedar or pine garlands to use in your display, and maybe even a small Christmas tree to hang handmade ornaments on. Anything you can do to create a festive atmosphere will help put the guests in the Christmas shopping mood.

Bridal Jewelry Show

    At these special event parties the bride and bridal party will have the opportunity to pick the perfect jewelry pieces for the "special day." Guests could also pick out just the right piece to go with their outfit that they will wear to the wedding. The bride could also pick out pieces to wear on her honeymoon.

Fund Raisers

    Holding fund raisers is an excellent chance for non-profit organizations to raise funds. The organization, such as a church group, big-sisters, United Way, etc., would host the party and invite all their family, friends and anyone else wishing to support the group, then the hostess' benefits could be given to the organization as a cash donation. You should seriously consider holding fund raisers as part of your marketing plan because they can generate enormous sales. Guests are more willing to buy when they know that the proceeds are going to a charity. There will also be a much larger attendance at fund raisers with guests from all different social groups wanting to book a party for themselves. Make up special flyers for fund raiser special event parties and send a copy to all the non-profit organizations and church groups in your area.

Office Parties

    Today, with most women working, you may have to be inventive to hold a party around their busy schedules. You could consider holding parties in office break rooms during lunch hours. Here, you could also attract the men in these offices who would like to purchase a special gift for their spouse for the different holiday giving seasons, such as Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Anniversary, Birthday's and of course Christmas.

Fashion Parties

    Fashion special event parties where you sell jewelry and accessories will always be popular with females from little girls to pensioners. If you have some suppliers who make clothes, some who produce jewelry, and others who make accessories such as belts, purses, designer hats, shoe clips, etc., try to get them to coordinate their products so as to match the other items in your line. Having different pieces that match each other will help boost sales.

    When guests are ordering a designer outfit or piece of clothing they can't resist not to buy matching earrings or a purse to go with it. To get some of your guests involved in the party, you could have them model the different outfits and accessories, and put on a little "fashion show".

Jewelry Making Kits

    Selling jewelry making kits at parties is also a big success for a home party plan. Many guests enjoy trying their hand at making crafts themselves and these parties give them a chance to purchase kits, patterns and supplies.

    An important part of selling bead jewelry kits would be to have a demonstration in which you can quickly complete one or two small projects. This familiarizes customers with the kits, teaching and showing them how easy it is to make something, so they will have the incentive to buy the kit or other project, all the while stressing that there is no obligation to buy.

    You should also have completed examples of each kit or pattern you plan to sell, to give the guests an idea of how each jewelry item looks when finished.

    When preparing your kits have just enough supplies in each one to complete a project. You could also sell jewelry making supplies in pre-cut or pre-portioned packages, in which guests can select and choose from to create their own jewelry projects. Make up and pass out "idea sheets" to all the guests giving them a list of supplies needed and quick instructions to the different ideas listed.

    (For more detailed information on preparing kits and patterns see, "Market Your Own Bead Jewelry Kits and Designing Skills.)

Children's Craft Birthday Party

    Making a small jewelry project at a birthday party is a new and exciting form of entertainment for children, they will have fun and learn something new at the same time. Each child can bring home his/her own personal creation after the party.

    Design an assortment of jewelry projects suitable for various age and gender groups. The cost should include the necessary supplies needed for each child to finish a project as well as the extra supplies needed to construct each project such as pliers, glue, scissors etc.; your time in demonstrating and helping the children with their creations; estimated overhead such as automobile depreciation, gas, telephone, advertising, postage, promotional materials, etc.; and of course a profit.

    Prepare flyers advertising your Children's Crafts Birthday Party Service, then pass these out to all the families you know. Post flyers in grocery stores, Laundromats, doctor's and dentist's offices, libraries, children's clothing or furniture stores, insert in the "goody bags" of your own children's party guests, pass them out at children's club meetings, slip them into the mail boxes of wealthier neighborhoods, insert them in car windshields at amusement parks, children's movie theatres, petting zoos, etc.

    Promote and publicize your service by exhibiting and demonstrating in libraries, demonstrating before children's groups (Girl and Boy Scouts, Brownies and Cubs, 4-H Clubs, Sunday Schools, grade schools, etc.), donate time to teach in hospitals, submit media releases. Think of all the different places where you could reach out to children and/or the parents of children.

Video Parties

    The Home Shopping Channel has become a successful marketing venue. Although it may be quite expensive for you to market your jewelry through the Home Shopping Channel, you can still sell your products to consumers at their leisure in the comfort of their homes through Video Parties. Make up video packages to give to different hostesses who could give it to friends to view. The hostess could still earn credits from all the sales her friends make, giving her an incentive to get her friends to buy. Each video package should consist of a video tape/dvd of one of your parties along with a price list and order forms.

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