SBI!’s Guidance & Support

Even perfect preparation, excellent process and all the tools can fail if I don't have a helping hand when I need one. SBI! offers much more than support and it does it with genuine care for my success...

As I had mentioned at the beginning of this list, the SBI! Action Guide is the number one reason why I love SBI! It presents a step-by-step process, presented in both written and video formats, guiding me every step of the way. All I have to do is follow it. Really! I don't have to guess at what to do next. SBI!'s guided approach helps me reach my goals.

SBI! doesn’t stop at just the Action Guide, they provide so much information, so much help and support, and so many helpful tools to assist me with finding the information and guidance that I need.

Here are the next 12 Reasons Why I Love SBI!

64. Integrated Online Help

Context-appropriate, only-as-I-need-it, "guru-in-my-ear" online help guides me, step by step, from zero-knowledge to as far as I want to go.

Every section, every tool, every report, everythinghas advance help explaining what it is, how it can help me, and step-by-step actions to take to get the most out of it.

All I have to do is Click on the blue question marks () for explanations about each section or each item. I can NEVER use the excuse that I don’t know what a certain tool, or certain report, or section is used for, or why I would need to use it, or that I don’t know how to use it, or even when or where to use it.

65. Find It!

I can easily get to Find It! from Site Central, all I need to do is click on the little Find It! icon at the upper right corner and it brings me to this great searching tool.

Find It! pulls all of SBI!'s documentation together...

Yes, all of SBI!'s help, guides, articles, tutorials, key forum posts, HQs (etc.) are at my fingertips. I can easily find any topic across the entire set of SBI! documentation.

There are three ways to use Find It!...

    1. Search For It!  -  Use a Search Term

    This section allows me to search through all the SBI!-related documentation for any topic I enter (ex., "monetization," "MKL," "inbound links," etc.).

    2. Bookmark It! -  Frequently Used Links

    This section allows me to "get there fast."

    SBI! has many tools to help me build a successful business. So sometimes I tended to get a bit lost when I first started. To help me navigate easily...

    The list of "Frequently Used Links" (as well as the two other ways to "find it" below) makes this page the only one I ever need to bookmark.

    3. Drill Down For It!  -  Help and Strategies for Site Central Modules

    This section is a directory of help and information related to each module/section of Site Central. The listings are laid out as they appear in Site Central.

    Scroll down to the relevant section and click on a module's link to find relevant pages.

66. Monitor It!

Monitor It! allows me to monitor what's happening in my niche on the Web. Monitor It! provides URLs that I can use to track what's happening on the Web for any search term I enter.I do the tracking in an RSS reader.

All I need to do is enter my Site Concept Keyword into the text box and click on the Monitor It! button. SBI! delivers the RSS feeds for a variety of services, each providing "a different slice" of my niche (from the immediate and short-term Twitter to news sources, even videos).

What else can you do with Monitor It?

  1. What's being monitored

    Beside your niche, you can also monitor:

    1. your name
    2. your domain name
    3. your product names/TMs (ex., if you use Clickbank, you can see what affiliates are doing)
    4. your competition domain names or products
    5. your partners/customers
    6. important "less-than-theme" keywords

  2. Understand what people need or want = ideas for more than just content (ex., an e-book or services).
  3. Inbound links and network-building -- people have found forums, blogs, tweets. They reply to them, building links, post interesting articles or news in FB or Twitter.
  4. Monetization ideas -- by monitoring what is going on in your niche you will probably find some great ways to add to your monetization plan.

67. SBI! Xpress E-zine

SBI! boils down the best information, from over 100 Net marketing sites, blogs, zines and feeds, reducing it all to a few strong strategies that work. Only the key info I must know, along with clear instructions on how to get the most out of them.

The SBIX! weekly newsletter brings me the latest news from SiteSell and around the Web, highlighting only what I "need to know," and saves me time. I don't have to worry about keeping up with the latest online marketing developments. They do it for me. I stay informed but not bogged down so that I’m able to continue focusing on my business.

68. Private Tips 'n Techniques Headquarters

No need to read endlessly to "keep up." This HQ is constantly updated with new and important info, old information deleted. This collection of cutting edge articles represents the best from the Web, outstanding posts from the forums, top new articles by Ken Evoy, every important new development... it's all here.

The following illustration is just the Table of Contents, there are literally 100’s of articles (beyond the step-by-step Action Guide and Integrated On-line Help) giving me tips, techniques, ideas, advice, and how-to info. Anything I want to know about building a successful website are in these articles.

69. Private Resources Headquarters

This HQ provides "Consumer-Reports-style" best-of-breed recommendations on specialized third party tools, saving us time and money. SBI! accepts no money for these recommendations. They really are the best. SiteSell negotiated price reductions for SBI! owners instead of accepting affiliate commissions or payment of any kind.

The following illustration is just the table of contents showing the variety of categories that will list the specialized third party tools.

70. Live Community Forums

The single best small business, help-and-be-helped resource in the world. SBI!'s community of users share their special ideas, discoveries and strategies. Some ideas increase productivity, others add extra income streams.

Over 65 forums cover every conceivable business-building subject. This extraordinary community of motivated "work smarter and harder" small business people is "The Place For Friendly, Success-Focused Discussion."

The SBI! private forums provide friendly, helpful support from other Site Build It! users. Help is available from folks who are in the same place as me. This peer-to-peer support gets me over the humps along the way in a stress-free environment. Help is available even for advanced questions. The forums are a business-building support community ready to help me and all SBI! owners succeed.

71. Unlimited Customer Support

SBI! comes with unlimited Customer Support. SBI! owners often call it the best they've ever experienced and I can testify to that! Any time I need help SBI! is standing by, with personalized one-on-one help. The same support person stays with me from start to finish... no frustrating start-over with different people.

72. SBI! Coaching

Need 1-on-1 help with your niche, domain, PREselling? Want to quickly learn an SBI! module? How about HTML? An hour of simple tips of using HTML with SBI! opens new possibilities.

Coaches are available to do any of the following, and more!...

  • Interpret the profitability of keywords

  • Determine the best theme for your site

  • Provide marketing help

  • Perform site reviews (analyze L&F, navigation, content)

  • Provide monetization ideas

  • Give general advice regarding all aspects of the successful operation of an SBI! business

  • Provide technical assistance -- HTML, editing graphics, using Infin It!, integrating JavaScript, Flash and other third party software

You can hire an SBI! Coach to get back on track, quickly and confidently!

73. SiteSell Services Specialists

If you are finding that your current business or lifestyle (work/personal) requires so much of your time that it's impossible to devote the necessary efforts required to build your SBI! Web site, but you'd still love to have a Web site that works... or Do you already have a website you like but it's not attracting traffic?

If you're like many people, one of the following applies to you and the Web...

  • You don't have the time to learn how to build a Website.
  • You don't know how to set up the best Website for your needs.
  • You have a Website, but it's embarrassing and set up in the wrong way.
  • You have a sharp-looking Website, but no traffic.

Now you can hire a SiteSell Services Specialist to do the work for you -- quality results at an affordable price.

74. Continuously Updated

Because new tools are added continuously, I feel secure that I'll always have the most up-to-date site-building and marketing tools.

75. SBI! Gives Me the Freedom
to Work From Home

Nothing beats working from home! Since I’ve subscribed to Site Build It! I'm working at home and I'm lovin' it! Have you read my Website Success Story yet?

There Are Still More Reasons Why I Love SBI!

Yes, I still have another 10 Reasons Why I Love SBI!, and most of them are for your benefit because SiteSell Shares Lots of Their Tips & Techniques For FREE!!!

Why Do I Love Solo Build It!?

Reasons 1 - 17 = Perfect Preparation
Reasons 18 - 27 = Solo Build It! Help Me Build & Host My Website
Reasons 28 - 36 = Simple Block-by-Block SiteBuilding
Reasons 37 - 46 = Traffic-Building System
Reasons 47 - 55 = Trust-Building Tools
Reasons 56 - 63 = Monetization
Reasons 64 - 75 = Guidance & Support
Reasons 76 - 85 = SiteSell Shares Lots of Their Tips & Techniques For FREE

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85 Reasons Why I Love SBI!
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Reasons 1 - 17
Perfect Preparation

Reasons 18 - 27
SBI! Help Me Build & Host My Website

Reasons 28 - 36
Simple Block-by-Block SiteBuilding

Reasons 37 - 46
Traffic-Building System

Reasons 47 - 55
Trust-Building Tools

Reasons 56 - 63

Reasons 64 - 75
Guidance & Support

Reasons 76 - 85
SiteSell Shares Lots of Their Tips & Techniques For FREE

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