Symbolic Meaning of Colors

The symbolic meaning of colors can affect our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states, both consciously and unconsciously. We can use colors to help us feel better, to inject an element of vitality into our life, or to calm strong feelings and promote a sense of peace and relaxation.

Color is considered one of the most useful and powerful design tools you have. People respond to different colors in different ways, and these responses take place on a subconscious, emotional level.

Color symbolism is a magical element that gives feeling and emotion to art and design. By understanding the symbolic meaning of colors, (or the psychology of color) you can choose the right color to support and emphasize your design.

Paying attention to the meaning of colors can add a new “meaning” to your beading designs. For example if you planning to design a piece to represent love then you would use pinks and a soft palette. If you were to design a piece to represent new life, growth and abundance then shades of green would be included in your bead jewelry designs.

A dominant color or overall color scheme can determine the tone of your jewelry piece. Certain colors will help your bead designs attract specific audiences and evoke desired responses.

The information below provides generally accepted guidelines on the symbolic meanings of color and how you can use color more effectively in your jewelry pieces.

Learn more about the meaning and messages of different colors:

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Symbolic Meaning of Colors
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Discover how
Feng Shui Jewelry can help
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