Take Care Of The Jewlry Just Like Yourself

by jewelryfancy

Don't you just hate it when your expensive jewelry set will not sparkle forever? It's not a do it yourself clean up act like the human body because it doesn't have the means to manufacture its own cleansing methods and chemicals. Even humans have to bathe to remain glowing and fresh as ever. Face it. That nice shiny emerald brooch, that elegant gold bracelet and that silver earring that cost you a fortune will still lose its dazzling sparkle if you don't have the time or knowledge to care for it. Don't you want to be the envy of the crowd when years pass and your set of magnificent jewelry are still going to make heads turn in your direction?

To understand the basics of cleaning jewelry, one needs to know how those stubborn stains develop or why the metal tarnishes. What about scratches? Real gold or silver nor platinum always exhibit scratches. The skin produces chemicals when metal gets in contact with it and these then exhibit signs of dark unsightly spots on that fine ring or watch of yours. When bleaching your skin take off your jewelry as the chemical might just cause some unsightly blemish or even corrode the metal of your jewelry.

After a wonderful but tiring day, before retiring don't forget to take off your jewelry one at a time and clean them off with a wet flannel cloth. This will remove the grime and salt deposits that your skin sweats usually leave on the metal or stone. If some stains have already developed try to use an effective solution to clean out the dark spots. You can try rubbing it off with a solution of 1 tbsp Hyposulphite to 1 glass of water. Hyposulphite is a chemical that you can buy off the shelf in drugstores.

Metal can corrode or develop unsightly stains if it comes in contact with spa or hair solutions or the one's that are used in bleaching parlors. Usually some people just cry out when their expensive watch suddenly dulls because it came in contact with bleach. One active chemical ingredient found in clinics and hospitals is Iodine which leaves dark spots on metal jewelry.

The military recently found that platinum is the best and sturdiest metal so far. It even surpasses gold and silver. Silver is the most malleable however it comes third in terms of being affected by the ravages of time and natures concoctions. The second is gold and the most enduring piece of metal would be platinum. If you have a platinum piece with your diamond set you can fully understand that the price is worth it as that piece of expensive jewelry will outlive the rest.

Gold pieces can be washed with liquid detergents without the bleaching agents of course. Silver tarnishes quickly and needs to be upkeep by using the same. Store your jewelry in tight containers with fine velvet cloth after cleaning them. Take care to avoid moist areas. Also, avoid bathing or pool swimming while wearing your jewelries, it might slip off unnoticed or the chlorine content in the water might do its damaging job to your precious items.

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Jewelry care
by: Glass Of Venice

Jewelry is the important part of women life.. You give very nice tips in your article.. Jewelry want good care.. If we care jewelry then it remain as it is and give shining.. I like your article..

Glass Of Venice

Care Of The Jewlry
by: Promotional Codes

This are very good tips. I want to add here that don't wear jewelery 24 hours a day, seven days a week, since this will make them more likely to get damaged over time. Keep your diamond jewelry
separate because the hard stone can scratch your gold easily.

we love jewelry
by: Buy Cartier Jewelry

Its so nice to see this good information in your post, I was looking the same which you post on blog, thanks now I have the thing which I was looking for, regards.

Jewelry Care like shoes...
by: Venetian Glass Jewelry

Jewelry care is as important as your next piece of clothing or accessory. I think of taking care of my jewelry just like I would a pair of my shoes. You can't wear them everyday and expect them to shine for the times when you really need them to. Too much wear in one sitting will gradually destroy your jewelry. My advice, take it off when you don't need to wear it (ex: around the house) and clean clean clean it.

Venetian Glass Jewelry/

Jewelry Safety kits
by: Andi Murfy

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