Thailand Silk thread hand wrapped necklace

by Thonghattha Handidea

Thonghattha handidea, we create this nice necklace as Long violet tone necklace, decorated by silk threads hand wrapped wooden ball bead, dice amethyst gemstone, violet jade, sterling silver ball bead.

As all items we are happy to present our Thailand silk thread being main material of each collection and wound by hand not machinery. The point is, we used just the best quality A SINGLE SILK THREAD, TIGHTLY WINDING to create a smooth, unique luster and captivating look, not elastic and not covered by silk fabric.the user would be looking good appearance with unique design and just made by hand.

We have to take time and are very patient to be careful to make each item.So the user would wear the collection different from the other mass collection. We also try to find out the nice material to mix each collection, like indian glass, unique design stering silver.

We have chosen to make personal with the idea that so much colorful and the buyer will be gracefully and enjoy to mix and match with rich color combinations.

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