The "Endless Possibilities" Necklace will lead you into the New Year

by C'Elysee
(Los Angeles, CA)

With the year 2010 on its way out, and the changes that have occurred for people in terms of career, family, finances. We need to know that things will get better. That life is truly what you make of it, and with a little determination and strong beliefs, you have "endless possibilities" as to what you can make of your life in 2011.

I created this piece as part of my empowerment jewelry line. It comes on an 18 to 24 inch chain in either gold,(as shown), silver or copper. It also comes with a round eternity ring attached. This piece comes with six small Swarovski crystals in copper, bronze, green, and gold - all symbolic of fall or Mother Nature. The large nugget stone is a chrysoprase which is the gemstone of fertility.

This piece was created for a person who wants to begin a family in the New Year. I love making jewelry that allows the wearer to imagine whatever they want in their life. I truly believe in the saying, "Use your imagination to create what you would like to see in your life."

I began creating jewelry for myself about 6 years ago when I couldn't find anything new and unique in the malls. Friends and co-workers would beg me to make earrings to go with their outfits or necklaces for gifts.

I have always believed in the empowerment and healing abilities of our connection to earth or "Mother Nature" and so I started creating designs that incorporated that connection. I love to work with jade, amethyst, rose quartz, apatite and many other wonderful stones.

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I also believe that stones have some power within themselves. I am not sure whether that is enough to change the life, but that is enough to stay in a good mood

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