Triadic Color Scheme

A triadic color scheme uses three colors that are equally spaced from each other on the color wheel. This is a very easy color scheme to implement because the colors naturally look good together and provide a comfortable amount of visual contrast.

Combining every fourth color on the color wheel forms four balanced three-color combinations - a bright and youthful primary Triad, a more subtle triad made up of the secondary colors, and two triads using all tertiary colors which form more sophisticated, fashion-oriented combinations.

Triad color harmonies tend to be quite vibrant, even if you use pale or unsaturated versions of your hues.

This scheme produces strong contrast but still retains harmony. To use a triadic harmony successfully, the colors should be carefully balanced - let one color dominate and use the two others for accent.

Tertiary triads - pastels
The possibilities are nearly infinite. For example, change the value and/or saturation of any or all of the colors in a tertiary triad, it is still a tertiary scheme, but you've altered the mood. Your choices depend on your communication goals.

The following are examples of Triadic Color Schemes.

"Live" Necklace by Laurie Eller

"Bermuda Bound" and
"Meet Me in Cancun"
by Rickie Voges

"A Hand to Hold" by Laurie Eller

"Ringlets" by Heather Trimlett

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