Tungsten vs. Titanium

by Tom Hanks
(United State)

Men's jewelry has diversified greatly with the rise of Tungsten and Titanium jewelry. Tungsten and Titanium products are considered "model metals" or new to the jewelry industry. However, there are many differences between the two that many people don't realize. Tungsten's intriguing new features set it apart from Titanium and have thus allowed Tungsten jewelry to become the hottest, fastest growing men's jewelry craze in the nation!

Titanium lacks the implicit durability of tungsten carbide rings: Titanium can never have the same high gloss mirror-like finish that Tungsten can have, yet tungsten can also be finished in numerous other duller styles just exactly like Titanium. Tungsten jewelry is 4 times harder than Titanium jewelry. Titanium can be bent and is easily scratched.


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