Turritella Agate Fossil Necklace

by Renee Hartless
(Alachua, FL)

This necklace is made of african opal, deep brown picture jasper, crysanthemum, rainbow jasper, and brown grey striped agate beads and chips. The pendant is a Turritella Agate Oval bead that measures almost 1.5 inches long. The fossilized shells found in the pendant are from freshwater snails that lived approximately 40-50 million years ago. I loved this pendant so much it took me forever to find the right combination of beads to make a strand for the pendant to hang on.

I started making jewelry over 20 years ago. I took a break for a few years while I became a mom to two beautiful children. Now that they are older and I have some time to myself again I am rediscovering my old obsession for creating beaded jewelry.

You can see more of my items on my website Nature's Jewelry Box.

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