Vendors permit in Ontario, Canada

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There are three level of governments that may affect your home business.

The Municipal by-laws should be consulted to ensure there are no restrictions to opening your business in your chosen location. Many municipalities run a small business resource centre that has staff who are very knowledgeable about setting up businesses. The Internet is also a good resource to determine if there are zoning issues or by-laws in your community.

Provincially, a Vendors permit may be required if you are planning to sell
goods to the public. You will be required to charge HST on the sales and remit the HST to the Province. As mentioned in a previous post, one can get wholesale prices and not pay tax when purchasing materials for making your jewelry, however, you must claim these purchases. The Internet has all the information that you need. The Vendor's permit in Ontario is free (don't know about other provinces) and there are numerous courses/resources offered to small businesses. It is important to know what can be claimed as a deduction and what/when taxes must be paid.

I am unsure if it is required or optional to register with Federal government if the business is not regulated under the Federal Law (Banks, Natural Resources such as oil/gas). However, if you register the name of your business and get a Master Business number, the name will be protected for 15 years (no one else will be able to use the name ).

The bottom line is to be completely informed about the requirements for opening businesses in your community. The Internet or a call to your Municipal Offices will be able to answer your questions.

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It's a lot of information to start a business in Canada. Vendor business is really worth a lot. Canada has a lot of restrictions and policies. You have written a great post with so much information in it to start a business. I found your post quite useful. Thanks for sharing such information with us,

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