Wealth & Prosperity
Feng Shui Bracelet

by Gloria-Jean Browne
(Muskoka, Canada)

The Wealth & Prosperity gua correlates directly to prosperity and abundance, it relates to wealth or having money for the good things in life. This Wealth gua also covers the richness of our lives, fulfillment and the accumulation of beneficial energies around us. Wood is element that characterizes this qua which promotes development, creativity and innovation. The element that nurtures wood is water which represents the flow of life, and keeps us moving.

The energy from these Feng shui beads and symbols will help to attract money and abundance into your life.

The colors that represent the wealth & prosperity feng shui qua area is purple, green for wood (and money) and blue for water.


Sodalite (rational thinking, provides mental focus)

Black Onyx (enhance inner strength and help you focus attention, willpower and reason)

Amethyst (brings clarity and calms the mind; dissolves anxiety reduces stress), Jade (good luck stone; prosperity, longetivity)

Aventurine & Peridot ( stones of opportunity; attracts abundance and wealth; balances emotions),

Jasper (protects against negative energy and eases stress)

Faceted Quartz Crystal (master healing stone. A powerful energizer, providing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual upliftment. Emotional balancer. Enhances abilities to enjoy and accomplish the things you want in life. Surrounds one with protection by amplifying white light),

Sterling Silver (the agent of balance, attracts all the energies of the other stones)

Green leaf beads: represent the element wood

Word Charm: Wealth

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Feng Shui Bracelet

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Wealth & Prosperity Feng Shui Bracelet NEW
by: Lana

How can I buy your Wealth & Prosperity Feng Shui Bracelet?


Thank you, Lana

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