Wire Wrapped Pendant

by Gloria-Jean Browne
(Muskoka, Canada)

With beige being a quiet, calming color I think that by adding a few black beads gives this piece a touch of strength and sophistication.

For this wire wrapped pendant I used a large beige and black oval stone bead, sled 24 gauge wire down through the center then up the side strung with smaller beads of various shapes and sizes, wrapped the wire around the top to help secure it and then back down the other side. I made a loop at the bottom so as to hang my dangles then wove the wire across the focal bead adding the odd bead for interest. I ended at the top where I made a double loop to hang it on a chain, wire or cord.

The second picture is back of this pendant, as you can see to tighten the wire a little I just give it a bit of a twist with my pliers.

The fourth picture is just some other beads and stones that I practiced with in wire wrapping.

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